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Breaking away from the competition is like leaving everyone else to be munched by sharks. Details in the services page!

Brutal Pixie intends to improve the communication of 50 law firms by 2020.

Law is perfectly placed to be a leader in great, focused communication. That’s why we want to help law firms find their feet in the 21st century landscape: With strategy, content, support, and content marketing.

Simple, flat fees.

Work together.

Only happy surprises.

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Content strategy establishment for companies large and small. Choose full strategy projects, or just the parts you need.


Content writing, management, and marketing. From our unique Breakaway framework to editorial support, content has never been easier.


Need an audit? Our qualified auditors can help with third party audits & gap analyses, and systems creation.

Not a lawyer?

We love to work with anyone who needs our help. Don’t let the attention on law put you off: The services we provide apply to all industries, and businesses of all sizes… even startups.

Organisations we’ve helped

We’re proud to have worked with a range of organisations, big and small. See more.

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Have a gift on us instead. Download the Ultimate 3-​Step Guide to Better Communication.

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Could your law firm be one of our 50? Our content strategists say, ‘Yes!’

We want your firm to be a great company. And the greatest think strategy and people first, and outcomes second. You can be one of them.

Worried about competition? We work with one type of firm in each footprint at a time. Besides, your content should be unique to you or there’s no point.

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