2015 Performance — Full year metrics now available

The latest Brutal Pixie metrics are available. And, this time, it gives us an entire year.

Having a full year of metrics in public is a remarkable thing. Many of us have our own personal reports of our business performance, but not many of us spread them on the internet for all to see.

Publishing your business performance is awesome. And somehow unremarkable.

When we finally went through the performance of the company, we sat down and marvelled at the difficulty we had in publishing some of them, at some stages during the year. At one stage, we even started thinking about what being an open company means.

And yet, having these metrics in public has been — well — relatively uneventful. It speaks volumes for how much we as business owners agonize about things that ultimately don’t cause the splashes that we think they do.


What we found was that the year had some dips and troughs, and one or two remarkable high points. In a services business — and one that is still quite young — those swings are to be expected.

And they’re one of the first things that business owners try to iron out.

What’s your goal for next year ?’ I asked a few local business owners in December 2015.

To stop the wild see-​saw of busy and quiet,’ they all replied.

Oh good,’ I thought. ‘It’s not just us!’

I encourage you to go and read through the 2015 metrics. Tell us what you think — and how your year was for you!

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