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This is what we do

1: We solve problems at a strategic level.

Content Strategy is a field closely aligned with Strategic Planning.

Many of the concepts are similar, and both require you to face hard truths and make breakthroughs to push your business forwards. It proceeds in three phases: Analysis, Strategy Design, Implementation. Get more info here.

It’s a big job, which is better done in the beginning. For existing organisations, it involves a healthy dose of change management. Change at strategic level can be disruptive if it isn’t handled correctly.

Content Strategy is essential for streamlining workflow, resourcing, publishing and marketing planning, and is perfect for intranets, extranets, and websites.

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2: We help with morale, publishing, and communication challenges.

When you think of campaigns, advertising, blogs, and other publishing at the last second — all the time — it gradually becomes a wellbeing issue for your staff. Content is progressive, and setting it up right takes time.

When you fly around doing things off the cuff (email marketing is a common culprit) it affects everything from publishing schedules to morale. There is often little consideration as to when and how to publish, while the ‘what’ is decided on a day-​by-​day basis. This then interrupts other projects, uses valuable time in the least effective ways, and often leads to poor error checking.

When your messages — and message styles — are not consistent (nor tied to the core of your business), you start running into issues of brand consistency and customer loyalty.

Planning is essential. Having the right tools is essential. We help you surmount challenges by auditing and benchmarking what you do, so that you repeat your successes, not your failures. Talk to us about your challenges today.

3: We can feed your content machine, or train you to do it with zazz

Being passionate about everything involved in content means we are wizards when it comes to writing copy for your site. In addition to Content Strategy we can help you with:

  • Copywriting (digital or print)
  • Gaining testimonials from clients
  • Article writing
  • Instruction writing
  • Technical writing and user documentation
  • Regular blogging
  • Email marketing
  • … and anything else that is related to the content strategy field.

The Pixie magic is like no other. We research and write, match tone, publish for you, and even provide full SEO breakdowns of all content that we provide. Additionally, we are experienced in everything from books to online magazines, and can handle any content you throw at us.

Plus, our testimonial interviews are outstanding.

Even better is that we can train you and your teams to do all this — and do it brilliantly.

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4: We get you over the corporate blah.

Just because you’re corporate — or aiming at enterprise — doesn’t mean you have to be bland, boring, and devoid of personality.Don’t make the mistakes everybody else does.

We work with and champion startups who understand the digital space and need help with their messaging. But we also work with enterprise-​level companies who are serious about making breakthroughs.

We help people at both ends of the scale to find that certain something that makes the company’s founders spring out of bed in the morning. Then, we turn it into passionate and personality-​filled messages.

The vitality of the startup space translates really well to companies who are over the corporate blah: startups and enterprise are at two ends of a scale but are not mutually exclusive! You have personality: Use it!

If your business is not a startup but is equally not at enterprise level, you’re likely here because you want to drive innovation somehow and don’t know where to start. Please, come in!

5: We want everyone to have metrics for success.

At Brutal Pixie we believe that great content and its accompanying success metrics should be available to everyone — not just companies like Virgin and Coca Cola.

Communication strategy often falls to those in Public Relations, and content gets plugged in by SEO people, web developers, and marketers — none of whom are writing specialists.

We sit above your messaging teams and make sure that everyone is working in sync. A great strategy is a beautiful thing.

We know that success has no ceiling, and that all great relationships — within your silos, and with your customers — start (and continue) with excellent communication. Start now »

Who’s this ‘we’?

Brutal Pixie is comprised of its Founder, Leticia Mooney, and a scattered team of brilliance. These guys are key collaborators in their fields of specialty, and work with Brutal Pixie as and when required.

Founder & Content Strategist, Leticia Mooney
Founder & Content Strategist, Leticia Mooney (aka Brutal Pixie) Location: Adelaide
Kay Smoljak, Founder of Zingry. Email Marketing Wizard. Location: Berlin.
Kay Smoljak, Email Marketing Wizard. Founder of Zingry. Location: Berlin.
Tom Valcanis. Copywriter & Founder of I Sell Words. Location: Melbourne.
Tom Valcanis. Copywriter & Journalist. Founder of I Sell Words. Location: Melbourne.