Episode 11 — The Content Strategy Risk Canvas

The content strategy risk canvas is a lean tool for surfacing risk. In this episode, learn how to use it and where to get it… cos it’s free!

2 thoughts on “Episode 11 — The Content Strategy Risk Canvas

  1. Leticia; I retired at the beginning of 2017, but today I was approached to see if I would take over the Insurance Manager’s position of a large tech firm. It’ll take a week or two to see if it’s a good fit on both sides, but if it is and I take the position, the first thing into my briefcase will be your Risk Canvas!

    Best regards,
    Nick Batistic

    1. Hi Nick! That is super exciting for you. We can’t wait to hear whether you emerge from retirement, and, if you do, how our canvas goes down. Thanks so much for keeping in touch!

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