Keyword stuffing sucks balls

This is a guest post by the very awesome SEO Ninja, Judd Exley, from Jex Analytics.

It’s a well known tenet that in SEO, ‘Content is King’. Unfortunately, to many this means that by simply reworking the same parts of the English language into a mishmash of ‘legible’ wording, they can create ‘content’ for their clients’ websites.

What that tenet should say is ‘Relevant Content is King’. I have never, in all of my career, seen a client impressed with an SEO’s writing skills when it comes to something that amounts to nothing more than Keyword Stuffing. Overusing keyword phrases in their various forms is flock-​shooting, hoping to somehow nail a ranking for a term that just happens to appear on that page. It basically ignores some fundamental things.

One of these fundamental things is that Google frequently ranks websites for terms that appear nowhere on their site nor in links to their site. That’s right, you can happily rank for terms that aren’t anywhere on your website… as long as they’re relevant.

Like not seeing the forest for the trees, too often the big picture is missed because the focus is so heavily reliant on one aspect. Sure, rankings are important, and traffic is important, there’s no questioning this. But let’s never forget the bigger picture: What is that traffic doing on your website?

Conversion Rates’ and ‘Goal Pages’ are handy and cool industry terms. But I would imagine that, high rankings for arbitrary terms or not, a website that speaks in real language to its real visitors is going to boost business far more than one that clumsies its way through simple sentences in an attempt to overuse a simple phrase.

See what happens when SEO Content happens to a Birthday Card.

As of now, the sad fact is that Keyword Stuffers are getting rankings with their ‘SEO Content’, but that’s changing more and more every day.

Trust me, Googs is just as sick of this crap as are you and I.

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