How my shopping relates to your outsourcing

As some of my current and former clients know, I’ve been winding the Pixie work down since gaining a management role, full-time, working for the man.

I’m still here! But simply being more selective about the work that I take on. The old editing of long books and theses is a thing of the past. Now, it’s more about the short, sharp, and shiny, good-fun, ghostwriting work.

Outsourcing is a big step for people, but in all honesty it isn’t that hard. I outsourced my grocery shopping recently, and now I buy everything online. I don’t think I’ll go into a supermarket again! I was extremely worried about it: that they’d replace things with stuff I didn’t like, that the fresh fruit and veg would not be up to my standard, that the deli products wouldn’t be ones that I would choose myself.

All of these worries were baseless, and the experience has so far been nothing but perfect for my lifestyle. I come home from work, and my shopping is done and waiting for me. I had some minor things that I will tweak in my next order, but they were things that I took a punt on to start with.

Outsourcing your written work is exactly the same. You worry that you won’t like what you receive, that the work won’t be up to the standard you feel you could produce yourself, and that the language chosen wouldn’t match what you would choose yourself.

Realistically, once you take that leap and outsource your work, you find that there are some things you will tweak in your next order, and that those tweaks are all rooted in the material you prepare to send through. The better the brief, the better the outcome. Like in my shopping experience, the more prepared I am, the better the outcome.

So many large decisions in life are scary, and so often that fear is baseless. What I found, in paring down the jobs I take on, and in outsourcing my shopping, is that I have time for far important things. Like spending time with my fiancé, making sure I keep focusing on my dancing and other written projects. And it also means that when I do gain ghostwriting or copywriting jobs, I have the creative brain-space available to do a good job. I don’t any longer dread having to spend two hours in a supermarket making sure I meet my budget, being annoyed by children and other people, and I don’t have to fight the layout of the supermarket, which to me seems bereft of logic.

The ability to outsource yields benefits in more ways than one. Getting my shopping delivered costs me an additional $10. But what it saves me is angst, difficulty, hours of time, and the cost of running my vehicle to that particular (preferred) store.

Think about the ways in which outsourcing in all areas of your life can benefit you. You give your books to your accountant, because it’s more efficient and, largely, stress-free. You get a cleaner in once per fortnight to save arguments about who will clean the shower that week. You order your shopping online to save time and stress.

So why wouldn’t you outsource those parts of your work that cause you additional time, stress, and worry? It’s worthwhile thinking about, because when you break it down, what is really stopping you?

Perfectionism. And that is what can be your undoing.