Leticia Mooney nominated for 2017 Rule Breaker Awards

This year (2017) our CEO Leticia Mooney has been nominated for a Rule Breaker Award. It turns out that when you have a brand that breaks rules, people notice.

Rule Breaker Award Badge
Click the image to go to the Rule Breaker Award website.

If you think this is kind of weird, it’s true that we break a ton of rules with Brutal Pixie. Some are a handful of rules we just accept in business and in life:

  • logos don’t have bloody knives in them (we do)
  • you have to be conservative to work with ‘serious’ businesses (we aren’t, and we do)
  • you can’t have fun in business (we even have fun with our autoresponders)
  • you have to do everything digitally (we’re known for our hand-​written cards).

It’s not the first time Leticia has broken rules in business. Public voting is open in July 2017, so we will update this post and share the links so you can bump her closer to the top.

We need more rule breakers in business. The world is crying out for them! At Brutal Pixie we call them ‘pirates’. It’s nice to see that there are awards programs to recognise the pirates among us, because most of the time we tell them it can’t be done their way.

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