[MEDIA] Brutal Pixie’s founder talks to Short Press Magazine

In November 2016, Brutal Pixie’s founder talked to Short Press magazine in Australia about the gap that we are filling for the legal profession.

Here’s an excerpt:

But Brutal Pixie has been set up specifically to target the legal industry. Why? Because, to put it simply – she says “access to justice is important.”

The legal profession plays a massive role in protecting the rights of individuals. That’s not just in terms of situations where you might be injured, but also in how your employer treats you, how your family treats you when you’re old, how your assets are handled, what happens when someone does something wrong by you.

[The legal profession] has an opportunity to lead the nation in terms of dealing with all of these channels, methods, and changes,” says Mooney.

Content strategy is a key area that can make that transformation easier.”

You can read the rest of the article here.

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