One text, many options: moving to new formats

Many doctoral students tend to complete their studies & theses, and end up working in ‘the academy’. Some manage to publish monographs or books. Some do other things. One client of mine is taking her thesis and doing something completely new.

Ann Clarke’s project, Kicking the Dust, focuses on the experience of young farmers in the mid-north of South Australia. Her research, even before she’d finished her studies, had been presented and taken very seriously at federal policy level. Many people internationally are also interested in her work.

I was her editor for her thesis, and we worked really closely together on her document for the best part of a year.

And so, rather than let her vital research kind of fade away, we are working together to make an online version.

The site itself will include her thesis and her research papers and presentations. If we get final copyright approval, we will also be able to present some vital videos.

The target audience for the research includes not only those interested in the research, but also the young farmers who were part of the research.

My role in the project is to reconfigure the copy, structure the website, provide a liaison point for the techies at Jex Analytics and Clever Starfish, and do the legwork on vital things like the copyright permissions.

I’m so excited about this project that I can barely contain myself! Here’s to hoping that it will be up within the month, so that I can share it all with you then.

If you’re interested in keeping an eye on it yourself, the link is