We want you to graduate

Brutal Pixie clients eventually graduate from our service. That's intentional.

When was the last time one of your vendors told you that they expect you to graduate?

Well, at Brutal Pixie, that’s our intention. We don’t want your money forever. We’d rather you build capability.



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It’s intentional to the design of our services that Brutal Pixie clients graduate. We’d rather you grow and build internal capability, than for you to rely on external vendors forever.

Insight: Our clients graduate

This little insight into what it’s like to work with Brutal Pixie as your law firm’s content strategy vendor was inspired by a recent conversation. In that conversation, the idea of graduation came up… and the person I was talking to seemed surprised.

In fact, she said: ‘Wow. That’s really selfless.’

Huh,’ I thought. ‘I guess it is. Maybe we should talk about it more often.’

Why do you bring in an external vendor?

When you consider the reason why you outsource anything to someone, it’s usually for one of two reasons:

  1. You don’t have enough capacity internally to handle it
  2. You don’t have the right skills or capability to handle it.

In our experience, it’s the former.

Most of the time, the business is trying to grow its publishing capability and capacity simultaneously. Therefore, our responsibility as a vendor is to enable that to happen.

Great growth relies on strong systems, built by people who know how and why to do it. I’m sure you’d agree with me that if we helped to build your system, but the result was that your business couldn’t run it, we would have done a shitty job.

If you can’t grow your business when you work with us, then we’ve done a shitty job. #contentstrategy #vendor

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Graduation is by design

Brutal Pixie’s continuous content clients tend to graduate at around the three-​year mark. This happens because in that time, the business grows to its next logical stage. Most of the time, that stage is a significant shift of some kind, and it becomes unrealistic to continue to outsource.

Of our very earliest clients, they have all gone on to bigger things. Some grew capacity, recruiting people to handle communication in-​house. Some grew capability and capacity simultaneously, and were able to recruit communication skills knowing what, how, and why to recruit.

Because your graduation is expected, we work with you to create the kinds of systems and internal knowledge you’ll need to handle the work on your own. Rather than you simply having someone create content forever, you are taught how to do it well. Rather than simply pushing a barrel uphill in terms of publishing effort, we work with you to create systems that work inside your firm, with your personalities.

The most exciting part of this is that, with our help, you can focus on the business core to your role. Then, as your business grows, and you’re better able to breathe, you can start to thinking about bringing the skills back in-​house.

It’s not selfless of us. It’s just more satisfying

If I had a choice between helping you to grow your business in a meaningful way, or just to take your money forever, I would choose the former.

It’s not because I’m a good Samaritan, and it’s not because money doesn’t matter to me. It’s just that helping you to grow is more satisfying. You could argue that this is the true Pixie nature of the business.

And so, while it’s nice for our client graduation pathway to be considered selfless, it’s not really. It’s just the most valuable way for us to help.

Should we help grow other companies, or just take money forever? I choose the former.” Director Leticia Mooney

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