Pixie Update

I’ve been quiet for what feels like absolutely ages. In reality, it’s only been a couple of weeks. And what a big couple of weeks.

My parents arrived, to help my fiancé and I move house. When they arrived, Dad announced that his father had died the previous morning.

Throughout the week (Dad leaving early for obvious reasons), we moved a bajillion things, scrubbed the previous property, had the carpets cleaned, and ate a lot of pizza. Then, on mum’s last day, we hired a car I just wished I could’ve kept, I kissed my other half seeyalater, and we headed interstate for my grandfather’s funeral.

I thenceforth stayed three days, wept a lot, laughed a lot, and ate a lot. Then I drove the return 6.5 hours alone (complete with adventures, like getting run off the road by a B-Double at high speed), and kept setting things up. I’ve only just now got my beloved ADSL back.

As for my office? Frightful mess. Absolutely frightful. Five minutes at a time is all I can manage… but I’m getting there.

So, this is a bit of an update to you all to say I’m still here! There have been several sign-ups for my free online course, which is fabulous. I’m thinking of running a half-day workshop (or more than one) on the topic. I’d love to know your thoughts on it.

And over the next few weeks I’ll be doing a mini-series of blogs based on the products in my shop. Should be good fun all round!

What have you all been up to since I’ve been “missing in action”?