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Here’s why your UX and your Customer Knowledge are symbiotic.
At the core of long-​term sustainable growth, however, is a deep understanding of the customer’s user experience (UX. Read on to find out why.
NEW RESEARCH: Australia’s legal industry as at July 2018
The latest IBISWorld Industry Data report on Australia’s legal industry was released in July 2018. We provide the cliff-​notes and key takeaways for you.
Your story might be bullsh*t
What if the story you’ve been telling yourself, about how hard it is to create content in your business, is bullshit?
Know your criteria: choosing the right vendor means looking beyond price
[ 5 minute read ] Choosing a vendor is a headache for any business. When you need a vendor who[…]
What is the secret to engaging writing? REAL people!
Time to read: 11 minutes | Insight | Go back to the Post The secret to engaging writing is so simple you[…]
Should my firm develop an app for better customer service?
Legal tech is sexy, enticing and potentially disruptive. Lawyers are being encouraged to learn to code, accelerators and incubators are[…]
Never apologise for only wanting to work with exceptional people
You run a tight ship and value the quality that you provide. So how do you deal with it when[…]
The Ultimate Step-​by-​Step Guide to Successful Blogging for the Legal Profession
This guide gives you the sequence, the templates, the resources, and the know-​how, to make your law firm’s blogging a success.
5 Simple tips for handling publishing demands
When law firms get busy, publishing (and its related, unseen tasks) falls off the radar. Paradoxically, they’re the things that keep you moving. This article gives you 5 tips for handling it while also being busy.
How to disrupt your content without being disruptive
Is reorienting your law firm’s content to be 100% customer-​oriented too disruptive? For some firms it is. Learn how you can do it without disruption.
Investors want returns, you need strategy. What do you do?
If your investors are pressuring you to just output content, you don’t have to give up on the strategy. You can take the middle road.
Blog Playbook for the Legal Profession: Blogging in your law firm
The Blog Playbook for the Legal Profession tells you what to do, step-​by-​step, right from when your blog is just a sparkle in your eye. Should you order yours? Read on to find out.
How to hack a strategic framework to underpin your content strategy
When you hack a strategic framework for your content system, you are choosing to use a reliable, known and tested structure for a critical element of your business.
How to track the financial value of your content
How do you track the financial value of your content? This article will show you how to do it manually, and gives you a FREE template to do it for you.
How to create win-​win digital experiences in law that people love
Crafting digital experiences that improve your law firm and make customers happy sounds like an epic task. It is, but it’s not hard. You can do it too.
International Legal Technology Association Conference 2016 — The Storify Story
The International Legal Technology Association Conference 2016 was held in August. The tweets are an awesome insight into what’s coming for the legal profession. We collected them into a single story, so you can read them too.
How to get to your business’s intention (and why it’s important)
Your business intention puts not only your company, but your content, in a state of absolute clarity. Read on to find out how to create your own.
Takeaways from the Smart Law & Legal Tech Panel Event by LexisNexis at The Law Society of SA (23 August 2016)
The Smart Law legal tech panel event was held at The Law Society of SA on 23 August 2016. Hosted by LexisNexis it was a sharp insight into the law’s future.
Part 2, Leadership: Content Strategy and your ISO 9001 system
In this article, you will learn how the leadership of the organisation in ISO 9001:2015 maps to your content strategy framework, and why it’s important.
Part 1, Context: Content strategy and your ISO 9001 system
In this article, you will learn how the context of the organisation in ISO 9001:2015 maps to your content strategy framework, and why it’s important.
How avoid prosecution for misleading messages
Are you aware of how your communication could mislead or deceive your customers? Do you know where and how and[…]
How to calculate your customer focus
There is a simple way to calculate the customer focus of your content. This article explains how to work out your customer focus percentages. Read on »
Structure versus Systems
What comes first, systems or structure? While we might think that the question has an obvious answer, it is reasonably complex. In this article we unpack some of the thinking around it.
Content Strategy Risk Canvas
Download your free copy of the Content Strategy Risk Canvas, and learn how it works.
How to make your strategy actually fit
The way to make your strategy fit well is not to take parts off the internet and apply them. We explain why cognitive bias may cause that method to fail.
Contracts and Plain English: A content paradox
Plain English contracts sound *amazing*. But just making the plain English version isn’t as simple as you think. It is in fact a paradox.
Simplicity Cups: Workshop game for learning simplicity
Simplicity Cups is a game you can play to train your teams in applying the laws of simplicity. This is available under a Creative Commons license.
Sure, you need content people. But can you assess them?
How important is a formal content qualification if, as an employer, you don’t have the ability to properly assess it?
10 Steps to Simplicity: Creating simplicity is easier than you think
This article teaches you the 10 Steps to Simplicity. It will inspire you to start thinking about how you can apply it in your business — without struggling.
Immersion, storytelling and experience: Reasons not to rely on technology
An immersive experience is one that has no barriers. Yet we fail to create great experiences, or great stories. Let’s look at what this really means.
Is your content strategy sustainable?
Did you think about how to make your content strategy sustainable? It is one issue with which companies tend to struggle.
Does your content innovation support your existing strengths?
Content innovation must flourish while it supports your existing strengths. If it challenges your capability, it won’t last.
Two WordPress plugins for better workflow & productivity
There are heaps of great WordPress plugins. This article shows you two plugins that improve your content workflow & lift your productivity.
Who is the weak link in your strategic chain?
In this article we look at the challenges facing how you achieve your strategic objectives. Is it you? How you communicate? Or your board?
If you choose to ignore accessibility, what are you choosing instead?
In the wake of Stella Young’s death, we ask you whether accessibility is your default? Join us as we explore the reasons why accessibility is a big deal.
Good information management is more than a filing system
When you approach information management from a paper perspective, it becomes inefficient. Let’s look at some of the trouble it creates.
How to avoid pain in website redevelopment
This article talks about why decision-​making needs to be conscious in large digital projects. In it, we look at what[…]
Customer Journey Maps and your law firm: Why your content strategy needs one
Customer journey maps are an essential element of your law firm’s content strategy. We look at what they are, why you need one, and how to use it.
Law Firms Must Simplify to Survive
Does your law firm appeal to the Common Man? How do you know that you are hitting the mark and staying relevant? Simplify, simplify, simplify
Startup Mindset, Enterprise Thinking: Tools as Repositories
We need to have content at the centre of our strategies, but it’s challenging. Here is how to do it without having to build your own repository.
7 Ways to Disrupt Your Firm’s Communication Successfully
In this article we look at seven ways to disrupt your law firm’s communication successfully. Many of them you can start doing today.
Hands-​off approval is your way forward
Hands-​off approval systems are a godsend for law firms and businesses with sticky roadblocks and difficult workflow.
How to Put Your Message Architecture to Work
Getting your architecture to work for you means being able to question your existing marketing materials. This is how to get started.
3 Things Law Thought Leaders Need
The holy grail of marketing is thought leadership. From a content strategy perspective, law thought leaders need three key things.
Law Firms and the Tradition Battle
‘Tradition’ and ‘Innovation’: A common messaging battle for lawyers. If you are serious about driving innovation in your firm, stop fighting.
How to make sense of “brand story”
You know you need your “why”. You know you need to tell stories. But HOW do you tell your brand story? What does it it even mean? Read on and find out.
Content Strategy, Law Firms, and Innovation
The profession of law is ripe for technological innovation. But content strategy tells us that true innovation needs to disrupt law firm business models.
Why Your Legal Practice Needs Content Lifecycle Management
In few areas is the issue of content life-​cycle management more important than in the legal profession. This article talks about why lawyers need it, and why it’s so essential.
You Don’t Need a Website
Websites and social media are not the holy grails of successful business. Let’s be rebels and look at why your website could be a waste of your time.
Content Strategy Tools: Workflow for Adaptation
Content strategy tools include some weird notions of tools. Workflow is one of them. It’s not just a documentation tool, it is an active tool that helps your company adapt.
Content Strategy and Workflow: Know the rules before you disrupt them
Content strategy workflow demonstrates how you work now, and gives you the ability to determine how best to improve on what you’re doing.
Why do you need a compass rather than a road map?
Your message architecture is your compass. Road maps are great, but sometimes you can be looking at the wrong map. Read on to find out why.
Sorting out your message architecture is a big deal
Message architecture is difficult for people. And it’s fascinating to realise that many founders do not go through the journey of envisioning the future.
Content, value, and reward: Age-​old worker debates
Assessing the value of your content is hard. This article responds to Gerry McGovern’s article about how content professionals are paid. Read on to see why.
Nelson Mandela was Strategic: What can you learn from him?
The most strategic, visionary leader of our time was Nelson Mandela. His wisdom also applies to Content Strategy. In this post, we show you how.
The New Strategic Plan is Dynamic
At the start of 2014, make sure that you have a content strategy that is going to help you navigate dynamic waters with flexibility and energy.
Got Style? Inside are two things your branding needs.
There are two very important cards that you need in your deck. These are (a) Style Guides, and (b) Tone of Voice Guides.
Define your “Why” and gain Karma points
Knowing why you do what you do gives your communication strategy structure, specificity, and meaning.
The hardest text to write is about yourself
Writing ‘About‘ pages on websites is hard work if you hate writing about yourself. Here are a few tips to get you thinking of new ways around it.
How to make your writing short, sharp and shiny
The key to great content online is keeping it short. This post gives you some guidelines on how to be brief without sacrificing your style.
How to structure good web content
A small guide to writing better for a screen-​reading audience.