Published: Cry for Health

Ok. This is not strictly a blog, given that it is a plug for a former client’s book. It’s titled Cry for Health: Health — the casualty of modern times, and it has been 17 years in the making. It was published in 2010.

Cry for Health book cover

I was the primary editor for this work, until for various reasons I had to bail on the project at the last minute. It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t avoid this, but these things happen — and I’m stoked that the book has finally been released.

This work is one of the most tightly researched and argued titles on the topic of how our modern lifestyles are dramatically affecting our health. As Jesse (the author) wrote to me in the cover of my work:

To Leticia, an outstanding editor, who challenged me to hone my writing. Thanks and enjoy the read, and may good health and good cheer be with you always.

In talking to Jesse recently, he pointed out that being challenged on points that he personally believed and hadn’t thought other people might reject, was one of the best things about us working together. It has been a great journey with this title, and to see it finally in print is so very satisfying for all parties concerned.

If you’re interested in looking further into this book, or obtaining a copy, head to the Cry for Health website. We’re talking e-​books at the moment, so hopefully I’ll have more information about this soon!


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