[The Scrapbook] Tumblr’s Terms of Service… Plain English Style

This post doesn’t warrant a whole lot of text. But it’s important because it indicates that services and brands are finally acknowledging that legalese just won’t be read. Well, not by most regular people.

When is the last time you read a software update agreement? Never, right?

Well, I read all of the plain English summaries that Tumblr provided, and had a giggle while I was at it. Well done, Tumblr. You give us all some hope.

Here are some examples:

Yes, you agree to agree.
Yes, you agree to agree.
Age clarification. Love it - go read a book if you're too young!
Age clarification. Love it — go read a book if you’re too young!

Love to hear what you think about this! If you’re a developer, have you considered including a plain English version? Maybe you should.

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