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Strategy and assessment comes before you dive in, when it comes to law and social media. This is the message behind our first article at Australasian Lawyer, published on 30 April 2016.

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Is social media something that your law firm needs to be in? It depends. In this article we look at the realities of social media, and how to make a choice about whether or not to participate.

1. Align activity with strategy

Your decision about whether to take your law firm down Social Media road should be a result of interrogating your strategy. Misalignment will not help you achieve your aims.

Much of the existing narrative about social media says you should do it. There are good reasons to do it: So that you can better service your market, better connect with people, be more available, be more present, have new ways of selling.

Social can do all those things for you, if you use it right. But if your goal is sales or lead generation, you need to know the territory. In 2014, few marketers saw Twitter as a way to drive sales. And in March 2016, it became known that even the top Chief Marketing Officers are finding it hard to prove returns on investment. Getting consistent (or good) data can be tricky.

So how do you work out where you need to be? This depends on your firm’s unique strategy, and your long-​term play. Replicating what other people do is not going to be beneficial to you, because you’ll come in second at best.

Click here for the full article.

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