Getting websites built: What services do you need?

In getting your website built, have you considered all of the services you might need? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), copywriting, editing, relationship marketing, social marketing, how you’re going to stay up-​to-​date… There is so much to do! So much to consider! Worse still, people seem to be everywhere. They’re on Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Yelp, […]

Media releases: why and how (the exciting, non-​scary guide)

The humble old media release often goes by the bye in these days of social networking and internet marketing. But it still has its place, perhaps more than ever, in the digital age. Hang on, I hear you say. Media release? For what, a newspaper? Well, let’s think. Newspapers are one (depending on your business). […]

Site launch: PDM Contract Grading

Local company PDM Contract Grading recently refocused and rebuilt its website. I’m proud to have been the copywriter for the whole site. The PDM Contract Grading website is built on static html pages. In today’s age of using Content Management Systems like WordPress, this is slightly unusual. The difference is that these guys don’t have […]