How my shopping relates to your outsourcing

How my shopping relates to your outsourcing. Why wouldn’t you outsource those parts of your work that cause you additional time, stress, and worry? It’s worthwhile thinking about, because when you break it down, what is really stopping you? Perfectionism. And that can be your undoing.

How to make brutal writing

I pulled the title from a key phrase that appears in searches to my site again and again and again — which explains its poor grammar. So I figured that I’d give these people something that might be along the lines of what they’re looking for. Brutal writing. Here are three ways you can make your writing brutal: ruthlessness,(…)

Struggling to write a business blog?

The key is to be yourself. Blogs on business websites can be one of the best ways of engaging with your audience. But because it is such a different way of writing, many people struggle with it. The key to success is being yourself. I hesitate to write ‘market’ when I talk those to whom you aim(…)

Social networking ‘secrets’ are common sense

Are you a business owner who is baffled by all the social networking “musts” out there? You’ve probably been told you need to have an online presence, you need to be on Facebook, you need to be on Twitter. The problem is, it’s not that useful until you know how to use these interfaces to their(…)


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