Marketing strategy and content strategy use the same process

Content strategy and content marketing use the same process

It’s quite likely that if you need someone to help you ‘with content’, the first person you’d think of is either a marketer or a copywriter. This article will show you how content strategy and marketers use the same process, but have different goals.

It will help you understand what’s most beneficial for your business, long-​term.



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Content strategy is holistic, inward-​facing process. Content marketing is a more specific, outward-​facing proces. The two feel like the same thing because the process isn’t different: The detail is.

Content strategist? Oh, you do marketing.”

For anyone who is not a content strategist, the work is marketing work. To most people, a website is about marketing. Emails are about marketing. Handling information in general is seen as a marketing activity.

This is especially so in small business. At an enterprise level, information has more functions: It informs teams, it enables sharing, it helps people to achieve outputs.

The truth is, though, that content strategists will be seen as marketers by the majority of the market.

Content strategists are seen as marketers by the majority of the market. #contentstrategy #marketing

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Content strategy & content marketing have the same process

It’s unpopular to say this, but it’s true. The reality is that even the definition of content strategy is no longer specific. The most widely-​held definition of content strategy comes from Kristina Halvorson’s Content Strategy for the Web. It says:

Content strategy guides your plans for the creation, delivery, and governance of content.

So, how is that different from content marketing strategy? Here’s a clue: It isn’t.

The difference is small but critical

The difference between content strategy and content marketing strategy is literally in only a handful of small (but important) parts:

  1. Content strategy involves all interested parties, not just an audience
  2. Content strategy is holistic and inward facing because it involves the entire business, its corporate strategy, and strives to underpin the book value of the business
  3. Content marketing strategy is finite and outward facing because it is more about singular campaigns and specifics about brand awareness in a marketplace.

While debates about content strategy vs content marketing have been irascible, it’s unnecessary. Both are needed. More important is understanding how the two are related and why both are required.

#ContentStrategy is holistic and inward-​facing. #ContentMarketing is finite and outward-​facing.

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Content Strategy vs Content Marketing Process Flow

The easiest way to see the function of each part is to lie them side-​by-​side. So that’s what we did. You might need to click and open the image to see the detail.

The relationship between content strategy and marketing.

The relationship of content strategy and marketing.

The category doesn’t matter, but the goal does

At Brutal Pixie we don’t argue the point about whether it’s marketing or whether it’s content strategy. But that’s because our focus is on spectacular service design.

In designing for spectacular service through content and communication, your project becomes less of a push mentality (which, let’s face it, is a brush that marketing is still tarred with). Instead, it becomes more about simplicity, service, loyalty, and longevity, and questions about corporate strategy.

Talk to us about how your firm can design spectacular service.

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