Casting the kind of spells your customers love.

Brutal Pixie is a Client Communication eXperience (CCX) consultancy. Bespoke. Tailored. Unique.

Client Communication eXperience is about smarts, not predetermined solutions.

Your clients come to your business for a reason. Our consultants honour that, which means that you can expect to receive a service that is built just for you.

Please meet with a consultant to discover what this really means for you.

Brutal Pixie has been instrumental in the development of our Content Strategy, and has had a powerful impact on our website traffic. I highly recommend Brutal Pixie to any business looking to build content that brings value to the customer and drives unique traffic to your website.’

– Advanced Piping Systems

Read through some of our services pages to understand how our consultancy may be of value to you. 

They include:

What to do now:

We recommend that you meet with a consultant for a conversation about your needs. If we think we can help you, we will offer a proposal.

Alternatively, you can get our daily emails for a while first. You might decide we’re not for you. 

Brutal Pixie is a client communication experience consultancy. We cast the kind of spells your customers love.