18 Reasons to get a Writer Therapist

18 Reasons to get a Writer Therapist


This Monday morning, a simple list to get your brain-​box working.

Why would you become a client of a Writer Therapist?*

✅ Build a robust understanding of your own creation and working cadence

✅ Face the dark demons that are holding you back with lies and “reasons why not”

✅ Discover how to become your own cheer squad

✅ Discuss your processes without being afraid that someone’s going to shoot you down for being wrong

✅ Rebuild your life so that it supports artistry and mastery, while keeping everything you love

✅ Become a smart negotiator for your practices, your time, and your money

✅ Unlock the best ways for you to measure what you’re doing (and why)

✅ Ditch the one goal-​setting limitation that stops you from smashing your goals

✅ Access the type of focused challenges that only a therapist can give you

✅ Develop an accountability practice that makes it impossible for you to hide from yourself

✅ Discover new ways of thinking about your work and your art

✅ Overtake everyone who is waiting for “the right time” by just getting shit done

✅ Gain a fresh new perspective on your work/​creator life

✅ Support whenever and wherever you need it via SMS

✅ Always know how you’ve grown, with detailed notes and records kept on your private client portal

✅ Uncover the only fail-​safe way to access your own guidance

✅ Reconstruct barriers as challenges and use them to your advantage

✅ Grow as fast as your imagination will allow you to.

* NOTE. A Writer Therapist isn’t a writing therapist. The latter is a type of therapy. The former is a regular kick up the arse to see reality, deal with your shyt, and remove all excuses from your life.

If you’re curious, you can discover more about this remarkable service at https://​brutalpixie​.aweb​.page/​w​r​i​t​e​r​-​t​herapy

xx Leticia ‘more therapist than anything else’ Mooney

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Leticia Mooney is a professional writer with decades of experience writing with and for people like you. She has coached — been a writer therapist for — tens of writers (from PhD candidates to successful authors); consults to businesses in a range of areas from communications to audits to investigations; and reads Tarot. She’s also the mother of a rambunctious, engaging, and curious boy, who is named after a character created by J.R.R Tolkien. You can learn more about her at https://​leticiamooney​.com, and her business at https://​brutalpixie​.com.

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The Brutal Pixie is Leticia Mooney. Race: Eladrin, Class: Publisher. --- Leticia is Australia's foremost authority on publishing in a business context. She ghostwrites for, and advises, entrepreneurial individuals in the professional services.

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