2017 Roundup and Summer Shutdown Dates

Well, it’s nearly Christmas again! It’s been a remarkable year — and below you’ll see why. Our Summer Shutdown dates are at the bottom.

Christmas Pixie logo
Even our Pixie has her Christmas on.


We started with just one (me). Now, Pixie is me +2. We learned by experience which way to scale (and fail), and are putting those lessons in place for 2018.

Client locations

This year we worked with clients based in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, the Gold Coast, Dubai, and New York City.

Volunteering and pro bono work

We did a whole lot of pro bono work, including contributing to the Business in Schools program, the Futurepreneurs Launchpad program, and the Australian Lawyers Alliance SA committee. We mentored high school and tertiary students, as well as fledgling entrepreneurs. We judged Venture Dorm intake 2, brought Write the Docs to South Australia, and are working to upskill content professionals in South Australia.


We learned that writers want to pay us to mentor them, and are really keen to do focused writing intensives with us. We started earning revenue out of writer mentoring this year, and are scoping intensive workshops for professionals who want to write. If you’re interested in this, please let us know!


We wrote and released our first Pixie Publication, Brilliant Blawgs, which we’re now planning how to turn into a platform unlike any other content platform that currently exists. We cranked up the Pixie Podcast and learned how to make that really fly in 2018.


We worked with 2 universities, collaborated with a department of the Federal Court, and helped an astonishing array of businesses to level up. The industries we worked with included law, engineering, health, finance, automotive mechanics, pest control, software, training, and luxury.

Thought leadership

We wrote columns for the Australian Law Management Journal, spoke at the prestigious ALPMA National summit, delivered webinars, and even argued (successfully) in a debate for the Australian Marketing Institute.

No wonder 2017 just flew past! What an amazing year! I can’t wait to talk to you about what 2018 has in store, but for that you’ll have to wait. 😉

Five things we recommend that you do over the holidays

  1. Read this article about how not one of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for the natural capital that they use. How does your business stack up if you changed your accounting?
  2. Ponder the concept of anti-​growth, and how Patagonia navigates this tricky territory. I LOVE the concept, and am thinking about how to apply it in really meaningful ways.
  3. Inhale Why we hate cheap things by Alain de Botton, and make loads of notes about how it inspires you to think about your own business in new ways.
  4. Turn off your technology and be in the real world for an entire week.
  5. Sit next to someone and do nothing but read.

Have a super fantastic holiday (if you get one)! And if you’d like to get short, fast reads that we dig up throughout 2018, please subscribe to our Sunday Letter. You’ll get them every week!

Brutal Pixie Summer Shutdown: 21 December — 10 January 2018

We are closing our doors to go and enjoy the summer sun, from 21 December 2017 until 10 January 2018. You won’t be able to get us by email or by phone during this time.

We will, however, get back to you as soon as we get back.

Thanks for being part of our journey so far! We can’t wait to come back and make 2018 our best year yet.

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