5 reasons to be the subject brain, not the tool

5 reasons to be the subject brain, not the tool

Short and sweet today.

Remember me talking about Brains vs Hands last week?

Well, here are 5 reasons to be the Subject Matter Brain, and not the person wielding content tools:

1. You’re not a content pro.

Seriously, your business is law, or medicine, or accounting, or insurance, or gaming, or training, or detecting, or marketing, or managing. It’s not content.

Would you give your role to someone who was not a qualified expert?

So why do you assume you’re the best person to do your content? Genuine question. Reply and tell me.

2. Outside eyes tell your story more effectively.

If you’ve got the right content pro working with you, you’ll find that their ability to tell your stories far outstrips your own. They’re hopefully a person with a vast general knowledge, meaning they’re able to spot nuances that you never will.

3. It keeps you focused on your area of concern.

Rather than splitting your focus, and attempting to get your brain into Creator Mode, you can maximize your billables and still get your content done.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

4. You can enforce interviews.

When you do this, you’re able to short-cut the time your content pro requires in research, making them cost effective AND accurate. You know it will be right because the primary source is YOU.

5. It’s a smarter use of your expertise.

Genuinely expert knowledge comes after years of education and experience. So why would you cheapen it by not maximising your use of it?

Collaborating on (or even dictating!) topics and coverage is fine when you’re the Subject Matter Brain. Provided you’ve got someone who can fulfill it for you, anyway. If you’re also bashing out blogs, and you’re not putting your smarts to the best possible use, you’ve got a problem.

If one of these hit home, reply and let me know.

~ Leticia “in your lane is immense value” Mooney

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