About Brutal Pixie

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About Brutal Pixie — the vital statistics

  • Established in 2013
  • Full company name: Brutal Pixie Pty Ltd as trustee for The Pixie Trust
  • Headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia.
  • Postal address: PO Box 1190, Pasadena SA 5042
  • Phone: +61 8 8121 4134
  • CEO and Founder: Leticia Mooney
  • You can be a client of ours, no matter where you are in the world
  • ABN: 98 256 911 826


To make communication human.


  • Enable businesses like yours to support strategic, relevant, accurate, and timely communication. We bring our world-​class publishing know-​how to do this.
  • Give you the capability to produce, maintain and manage your content, information, and related business systems.
  • Create outcomes that support your internal and external communities more easily.
  • Stop agonising about how, why or when those people interact with your information.

Not really a marketer: About what makes us unique

We bring special skills to your boardroom. The Pixies’ deep focus is on audience advocacy, corporate strategy, and editorial process. This alignment empowers your organisation. Communication belongs in the C-​Suite.

Our clients report improved workflow, attraction of the right customers, happier customers, better culture, and much more.

Over time, this alignment creates conditions of growth for the business.

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Did you know? Communication is one of the biggest causes of claims against lawyers

Client communication was the 2nd highest cause of complaints to the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner (NSW), according to their most recent (2015Ă·16) annual report [PDF]?

We believe that communication is a social justice issue. We believe that law does great work. We believe that lawyers can play an important role in society. But we know that client communication is a massive problem in law firms. We also know that it’s not hard to get communication right, but that becoming customer-​centric fundamentally changes how your firm behaves.

Contact us now to find out how you can make this transition:

Active in Australia’s legal community

Leticia Mooney speaks at a seminar for ALPMABrutal Pixie’s Director Leticia Mooney is a member of the Australian Lawyers Alliance and active on the South Australian committee. She’s also a member of the Communications and Media Law Association. She writes for the Australasian Law Management Journal, and contributes occasionally to Australasian Lawyer.

In 2018, she has spoken for LegalWise Seminars, and will be appearing at the Centre for Legal Innovation’s LegalTech Conference.

In 2017, she appeared at the Australasian Law Teachers Association Conference, speaking about client-​oriented business. Later in the year she will talk about the importance of creative, critical, connected communication at the Australasian Law Practice Management Association National Summit.

In 2016, Leticia spoke about accessibility at the ALA National Conference.

Pixies are passionate about social justice, and firmly believe that Law can lead the nation in terms of ethical and strategic content practices. But we walk the talk, too: At the end of the 2016 – 17 financial year, we committed a donation of more than $400 to the Environmental Defenders Office in South Australia.

About the projects we work on

We work with clients in complex industries on projects that are mission critical. We have:

  • Helped to craft content that lets screen readers sound like real people
  • Made apps usable
  • Moved brand publishing into blue oceans
  • Simplified content for public audiences
  • Created deeply relevant content and articles
  • Taught teams how to communicate
  • Realigned governing boards for better communication and culture
  • Edited content for clarity and simplicity
  • Created complete strategic systems for communication and content internally
  • … and many other things.

As communication specialists, we add value in an incredible number of ways.