Myth and mastery: Ancient content methods

One day, a ram whose horns curled three times around marched through an airy lane. The ram didn't notice four bulls hidden behind the piles of fallen leaves. The bulls tore towards the ram, jostling each other to be the first one to lift it with is horns and flick it out of their territory. It was caught by the five-fingered twins, Gem and Eye who, laughing, started to spin. The twins spun around and around, until they disappeared into a pile of sand. Just as the twins disappeared, six droplets of water fell onto the sand. A curious crab emerged, rolling its sand into six little balls as it did so. The six little balls were magnetic. They drew towards each other until they merged into over large ball. The ball grew and grew, and began to shine from the inside. Suddenly, seven bright rays burst from the ball, exploding it into pieces. From within...

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