An Ode to hidden demons

Far beneath the surface fair Inside the darkness, hidden there, Away from sight of man or beast, Lie treasures uncounted, Awaiting release. Deep inside the mind and soul Inspired by the worldly foe, Fear of success rises fierce and forbidding, March backwards -- retreat! Install the police! Forever buried in darkened caves Bubbling and burning in righteous waves The goals of art stay empty and shallow Unmet and ill-founded Arrested, impounded. Enter then a hero's mentor Filled with secrets of coaches' candour, Shining a light on the ogres and beasts, Some you installed, Some you still feed! What's a creator supposed to do To cobble together half a clue And exit from this crazy prison? Oh see, says mentor, Read this vision: Leticia "not so poetic" Mooney PS. If you want to receive my free gift of a Five-Minute Journal with your coaching, decide today. This offer is disappearing in three, two, one...

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