Brand Voice.

If your brand is like most, it’s got so-​called “brand assets”, but they don’t include brand voice. Tell me: Have you ever thought about how your brand ‘sounds’? Well, read on.

Brand Voice is a matter of architecture.

Let’s run some basic checks:

Got a mission statement? Check.

Got a vision? Check.

Got a business intention? Sort-of.

Know how to create the voice, tone, and style that drives your mission, vision, purpose and intention forwards? Er.

This is where brand voice comes into the picture.

Creating a voice for your brand is one part designing the ‘overall message’, one part team consensus, and one part understanding how language patterns create the impressions you’re after. Those language patterns include punctuation and grammar. 

Ultimately, you’re designing the persuasive impression; from there, it’s supporting it consistently and productively.

So, how do you do that? With:

Brand Voice design by Brutal Pixie.

Our service includes:

  • discovery phase, to make sure that we understand your business, your ‘sound’, and your requirements.
  • A message architecture workshop, to help you really understand your positioning (and if it shifts your vision/​mission/​intention, that’s ok).
  • creation phase, which involves the brand voice guidelines, reference points, and team training.

Who is this right for?

You’re a good fit for this work if:

  1. You don’t have a set of voice, tone or written style guidelines among your reference documents.
  2. OR — You’re looking at a ‘brand refresh’.
  3. OR — You’re reworking any of your major communication assets, like a website. 
  4. OR — You’re an early-​stage business with at least $5,000 to commit to getting this right (startups: You guys need cashflow to work with us! We don’t discount for anyone.)

The best thing about doing this work is that it makes outsourcing any communication work a walk in the park: You’ll have clear and accurate guideposts for the work.

Never again exclaim, ‘man this just doesn’t sound right’!