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Attention is the most valuable item of the 21st Century
Just in advertising, '5 trillion digital ad impressions were served in the USA alone, in 2012'. [1
As you protect your attention, so do your customers, prospects, potential collaborators. So do your staff.
But there is a way. The solution is easier than you think.
Study your competition
This does not mean copying what they do! Learn from your competition by studying them.
Study what they do. Put what you learn in the context of your own strategic framework.
As they fight over the same food, you can strike out into clear waters, create your own audience, and make more money. 
Get clear about your audience
Forget your cutsomers. Forget even those who actively refuse what you offer.
You want that elusive 'third tier': The unexplored customers who are in markets distant from yours. Go for the largest catchment that you can.
How? By knowing the questions to answer and where to publish them.
Image source: Blue Ocean Strategy
Find your missed opportunities
When all of your components are researched, known, and mapped, you can identify the areas where you have either very little - or zero! - competition.
By targeting those areas, you have an immediate competitive advantage.
We've proved it in industries as far apart as luxury services and pest control.
90 days to success
Your Breakaway Map includes a complete 90-Day Plan, with recommendations, production calendars, time frames, and the support you need to make your content marketing a success.
It takes the assumptions from the research in your Breakaway Map and validates them with real customers. We then prepare your business for effective activity with systemisation. And finally, we test the workflow and help you to execute.
FREE, no-obligation consultation
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If it is, we'll share more details with you. And if not, you'll walk away with suggestions you can use immediately. 
Invest nothing for a risk-free, confidential conversation. What have you got to lose?
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