The one thing that makes your business immediately attractive

The one thing that makes your business immediately attractive

confidence is attractive

Attractive businesses are attractive for a reason.

Oh my god did you see that girl in there?’ she asked, eyes wide. ‘She’s the one I told you about.’

The annoying one?’ I raised my eyebrows.

She is SO needy. She thinks we’re friends,’ she touched my arm in emphasis as we walked out of a dance class and towards our cars. She glanced behind herself, nervously, checking that the offending creature wasn’t either following or within earshot.

She lowered her voice. ‘You know, she friended me on Facebook. She sends me messages all the time.’ The young woman had pulled out her phone and gestured towards it helplessly. ‘But, like, you can’t force friendship on people. It just happens. You know, you dance together, you start chatting. And then after a while a friendship develops and when it does, it’s awesome. You don’t just — thrust! — yourself on people.’

Neediness makes people run away. Fast. 

Or, at least, they’ll try to run away.

You’ll know this yourself if you’ve ever desperately needed a sale because you’ve had a shyte month. The scent of neediness wafts off you and makes you stink; whatever prospect you’re in front of knows that you need them, and suddenly they aren’t sure whether to work with you or not.

Why? Neediness smacks of “high maintenance”. And high maintenance clients do not make good clients.

The business publishing equivalent has two parts.

The first is begging. 

You’ve seen those emails you get from stores or businesses that appear more desperate with every issue, right? The never-​ending sales; the desperate “hurry up” of “webinars” that are actually video recordings; the artificial deadlines that try to force your hand. They’re sent in branded emails in a scattershot approach. 

The second is just smashing content at you.

Businesses do this with some kind of desperate hope that you’ll read it and care about it. 

Most of the time, you don’t. A great example is every accounting or law firm email that pretty well yells look at me! And doesn’t give you any valuable information.

The one thing that immediately makes your business attractive is an absence of neediness.

For example, I could smash you with requests to please buy our things, please buy my things. But I know that you are reading this mostly because it’s (a) useful and (b) mildly entertaining.

Are you going to buy every day? No.

Do you want to read about what we are doing every day, in an endless regurgitation of wanky spin? Hell no!

Will you buy when you have a need and are ready? Yes, it’s likely you will.

In fact, you might have noticed that on our landing pages we will do our level best to stop you from buying.

My company only wants to work with you if you really want to work with us, AND can afford to do so. That’s why we have warnings galore plastered everywhere!

Don’t be needy.

Find a way to create a publication that is helpful, useful, insightful, entertaining. 

Confidence is the sexiest thing in the world: And that applies to businesses as much as to people. 

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