Changing banks is a winning step for Brutal Pixie

This week, Brutal Pixie moved to a community bank. It’s one of the first, and certainly a big, step towards putting our money where our mouths are… so to speak.

Banks can be good for you... we love ours.
Photo by Oxfam Trailwalker. Used under license.

The bank is Bendigo Bank at Goodwood. Having been around long enough, the Queen Pixie Leticia remembers when the bank was first proposed to the Goodwood community. When it gained enough support to bring banking back to the locals, and keep a branch open locally, it was terribly exciting.

The Goodwood Community Bank is naturally heavily involved in the community. But there are things you don’t expect about community banks that are also awesome. Things like:

  • your bank manager getting excited about you being in the paper, and taking a copy
  • being referred into programs that can help you develop your business
  • account set up taking less than 5 minutes, with the rest done by email
  • hearing about how the local primary school is collaborating with other organisations because the bank saw an opportunity for the kids
  • … and so on.

Unlike other banks, if they’re short on staff, the manager serves customers.

Now, while this looks like an advertisement for my bank, it’s not intended to be. The exciting thing is that our needs are matched because we are building stronger relationships with them. And we know that every cent of profit that the bank makes goes back to the community.

Building socially aware and socially conscious business takes time, but even small steps like this feel like winning.

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