2017 – 18 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Program | Professional Skills, Business Management

The CLE program we’ve designed for 2017 – 18 focuses primarily on Professional Skills and Business Skills. Each session runs for 1 hour, which is the minimum requirement for 1 CLE point across Australia and New Zealand.

The program includes 7 webinars between November 2017 and March 2018. It gives you the skills to create effective, strategic marketing content, and to proactively manage digital projects.

What is in the CLE Program?

The CLE Program includes:

  1. How to create content for real people, not Google
  2. How to create impactful, relevant blogs to serve your clients (and not-​yet-​clients)
  3. One topic, one blog, many assets: An introduction to greater marketing & publishing efficiency
  4. Website best practices: What are they, and how do you use them?
  5. How & why to simplify concepts for a public audience
  6. An introduction to content & marketing analytics
  7. How to project manage digital projects yourself, when you have to juggle multiple vendors.

The CLE program is perfect for individual sessions, or group learning

You can pick up a webinar yourself, but this year we have created a group learning option for all webinars scheduled in 2018.

The difference between the two is that with a group learning option, you will receive additional resources, including worksheets and discussion activities. This way you can build a team-​wide learning program, and continue to build on it after the session.

Who will benefit from this Continuing Legal Education program?

The program is designed to up-​skill any legal practitioners who are responsible for signing off marketing content of any kind, or those who participate in digital projects. Some of the sessions are pitched at managing directors and partners of firms, because they give you the skills to determine the benefits and outcomes of the work.

Fee structure

$75 Individual session

$320 Study group (recommended max: 10)

$450 Individual — Entire Program

If you would like more information about these fees, including payments and how the study groups work, please contact us.

What if I buy a session but am not available at the screening time?

All sessions in this Continuing Legal Education program will be recorded. This means that if you are unexpectedly unavailable, you will still be able to view the session. Recordings will be sent out after the screening time. You absolutely will not miss out!

Download the program to get learning objectives, dates, booking links

Download the CLE Program for all of the learning objectives and dates for the 2017 – 18 CLE Program.

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