Our consulting services are bespoke content and communication services, designed for your unique project.

Bring in a consultant as a partner to solve a complex problem.

Our consultants are magical folk with a difference: We have a ‘get-​in, get-​out’ philosophy. Our goal is to help you solve whatever it is that needs solving, so that you can keep moving.

We are usually brought in to solve a complex problem, or to work on a project that has layers of complexity. A great example is ‘to help us understand why nobody uses the intranet’; or, ‘to rewrite our policies so that in future we can use Artificial Intelligence to use them as a knowledgebase’. 

Our consultants draw on a number of skill-​sets in any consultancy. This is why we prefer to see it as a partnership for the duration of a project. 

Consulting by Brutal Pixie.

Our Consulting includes:

  • discovery phase, to make sure that we understand your requirements.
  • A focused briefing and project requirements phase, to make sure that we’ve captured everything (and have a place for everything, as well as enough hands on deck!).
  • The project itself. Whatever it is.
  • A consultancy debriefing at close-​out, to make sure that there are no loose threads everyone has missed.

All of our work is governed by industry standards, led by the Australian Society of Authors, Write the Docs, and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

What type of consulting can you bring us in for?

The consulting work you can engage us for includes:

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