Content goals are more important than content mechanics

Content goals are more important than content mechanics

It’s surprising what you can learn about content process from kids.

In a team situation, you can get hung up on how to do stuff, asking whether the process is effective and efficient.

In an individual situation, you can get hung up on whether you’re doing it right.

And Spinfluencers get a lot of air time as a result.

But I want to share with you something I’ve realised by watching my son try to crawl:

It’s about the goal, not the mechanics.

It’s about what you are really passionate about, not the things you kinda, sorta want.

When Beren sees something he wants — like, desperately wants — he will just go and grab it. He gets up to his wobbly all-​fours and shakily moves forward, one knee, foot, and hand at a time.

But if he only kind of wants something, or isn’t fully committed, his brain gets in the way.

He starts thinking about it.

He takes a step forwards, then bails out and sits down, often facing the wrong way. Or goes backwards instead.

And I find myself coaching him:

Dude, it’s the goal, not the mechanics.’

The Life lessons in this are staggering. How often have you just ploughed forwards towards something because you wanted it badly enough and it just worked out?

Who cares how you achieve your content goals?

Let’s be honest about this, ok. It’s just you and me here.

If you pay someone in Bangladesh $3 an hour to rewrite your competitor’s material because you’re out of ideas, is that a bad thing?

If you have zero time and simply record audio on your phone, is the world going to end?

If you put $2 ads on Gumtree because you’re a tight-​ar5e and want to reach Your Average Joe, is anyone going to care?

If you think digital is a gyp and do flyer drops in your town or suburb instead, are you doing it wrong?

If you desperately want to achieve X and require a budget of Y, is not having capital right now going to stop you from finding a way?

Simply: No.

No to all of these.

Truthfully, you’ll do whatever it takes to move you towards your goal.

Do it ethically, obviously.

But beyond that? Nothing that anyone can tell you will matter.

Especially someone like me, who has the luxury of your captured eyeballs. LOL

What Beren knows, even at eight months of age, is what you also subconsciously understand:

Going after things that aren’t important to you is a waste of effort. If you don’t get it, it doesn’t matter. You’ll go after something else pretty soon. But the things you deeply, truly, madly want? You’ll get there despite yourself.

Therefore -

  1. Set content goals that you REALLY want to hit. Make them tasty, delicious, unbearable not to have.
  2. Forget the How; just let your inspiration drive you to Do. You’ll work out the detail along the way.

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Leticia “Do or do not, there’s is no try” Mooney

Leticia Mooney

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