Content Operations.

Content Operations is defined as the people, policies and procedures that enable you to create, manage and govern your content. 

How do you know you’re doing content operations? 

Well, you’re doing it any time you:

  • create a brief for a freelancer
  • create, update, or manage a production calendar
  • work out the best way to keep your website up to date
  • engage in customer or user feedback
  • work out what your employees can or can’t publish and why
  • train your creators in co-​creation principles
  • work out what types of content you need (knowledgebases, brochures, instructions, websites, letters…)
  • understand who has to be informed, who has to approve it, who needs to know about it (internal to your business)

… or anything that is not handling the content itself.

Content Operations is what allows content to exist.

Companies often neglect Content Operations because it is hidden or invisible. Many companies do not have policies about when to create, delete or update content. 

If you are like most professionals, you deal with the nasty side-​effect: Sifting through hundreds of files, wasting productive time, because the ‘single source of truth’ quickly became cluttered.

Compounding the issue, many executives in Operations roles assume that “content” is a Marketing function.

In fact, content is truly cross-​functional at an operational level.

It allows:

  • your team members to be trained, managed, and functional so that
  • your prospects can buy from you, and 
  • your existing customers to feel supported and valued.

If you thought “content” was big, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Content Operations by Brutal Pixie

Our Content Operations Consulting covers:

  • Process discovery
  • Content structure and management
  • Content writing
  • Board and executive training
  • Policy development
  • Systems development in line with international standards, regulations and certification
  • Team training
  • Auditing.

Why us?

Brutal Pixie’s founder and lead, Leticia Mooney, is a certified Lloyd’s quality management auditor. She understands what it takes to create effective and useful systems — and then to check that they work.

Don’t settle for freelancers who are not systems savvy, or who don’t know about international standards for content work.

Standards give you best practices.

Systems are what help you stablise and grow.

Discover how we can operationalise your content so that it is effective, efficient, and useful.