Content Strategy Consulting.

Content strategy consulting is where the Pixies really shine. Partner with us to make your next project a success.

Content strategy isn’t about marketing. 

Not in our world, anyway. However, marketing and content strategy have some serious parallels. Content strategy is a nose-​to-​tail approach to content within the context of a business; it’s why we prefer the term ‘business publishing’. Here’s a deep-​dive explanation of what content strategy is, which we wrote many years ago.

Content strategy for us is about:

  • the context of the organisation, including all of your interested parties (there are more of them than there are ‘stakeholders’)
  • workflow, process, policy, procedure
  • voice, tone, and style
  • information architecture, including componentisation and re-use
  • creation protocols, including governance
  • archiving and deletion protocols, so you preserve what you need to without choking your digital assets.

We are particularly skilled at:

  • getting board buy-​in (and we have trained boards, including within the Federal Court of Australia)
  • training teams
  • making things easier and more effective.

After all, your success is our benchmark.

Content strategy consulting by Brutal Pixie.

Our content strategy consulting includes:

  • discovery phase, to make sure that we understand your requirements.
  • A focused briefing and project requirements phase, to make sure that we’ve captured everything (and have a place for everything, as well as enough hands on deck!).
  • The project itself. Whatever it is.
  • A consultancy debriefing at close-​out, to make sure that there are no loose threads everyone has missed.

All of our work is governed by industry standards, led by the Australian Society of Authors, Write the Docs, and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

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