Content Strategy Forum 2016: The Brutal Pixie Diaries

Content Strategy Forum 2016: The Brutal Pixie Diaries

The Pixie Plushie makes a great driving companion.

In early October 2016 Brutal Pixie’s founder Leticia Mooney presented at Content Strategy Forum 2016, in Melbourne. This blog is part travel diary, part conference blog, part round-up. Enjoy!

Read the Content Strategy Adelaide wrap-up here.

Read the Storify Story of Day 1

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CS Forum 2016 Travel Diary

Update, post-conference

Ok, so it turns out that I had such a great time, and was such a social butterfly that I never got beyond the first entry. Erm. Oops. You can also read my roundup of Day 1 of the conference at Content Strategy Adelaide, and the Storify stories are embedded further down this page.

I did, however, keep a continuous set of photographs with comments! Who knew that this would be so much easier.

Entry 1:  Tuesday 4 October 2016. Ballarat.

I’m writing this in Ballarat, in my cousin’s house at his awesome workstation. He’s an architect, and his workspace is in the foyer of his house. The marbled desk runs from one side of the room to the other, and it has space for two workstations. But he’s at work, and I’ve taken over their amazing house. (Photos of it are on Instagram.)

Since leaving Adelaide on Sunday, I’ve kept a visual diary over at Instagram, and I intend to keep doing it until I get back. Because, unlike just about everybody else, I’m doing the travel by car.

The entire roundtrip is approximately 2000 km. I’m doing the trip solo, which doesn’t particularly bother me. But it is tiring, as much as I love it.

Today is a rare break. Sunday was with family (my niece’s birthday). Monday was family, friends, and family. Today is work and then headlong into Melbourne and conference mode.

So far, I’ve travelled Adelaide to Hamilton (Vic), and then to Ballarat. So by the end of today I will have clocked roughly 800 km. It’s cold, it’s wet, the entire journey has been crafted so as to avoid flooded water ways and systems, and I feel like I’ve had two hours sleep in four days.

This morning I worked on the slide deck for Thursday’s presentation, then culled all of it and decided that I’m just going to talk to a couple of images instead.

Slide decks are such a thing of the past. I hate them. I hate watching presentations with text, and I hate creating them. I run workshops and seminars without them, and I freak out about having to make them for conferences. They bore me to tears, whether I’m making them or absorbing them. Yuck. (Sorry to all you guys who love them.) The only time I appreciate them is in a webinar or static website.

Perhaps this is because I’ve been steeped in startup culture for the past three years. Perhaps it’s because I prefer to perform than to talk “to” something static. Perhaps it’s because I suck at creating slide decks! Whatever the reason, I’ve made a decision and will stick to it. Props to Steven Leaney for shooting through to me this post by Seth Godin! It totally justified my decision, and made me feel a thousand times better about my approach. Much love to you, dude.

Hopefully I’ll have the wherewithal to get some resources together for people before then, so that they can just download the detail and read it at their leisure. Isn’t that such a better way of doing things? I sure think so.

In any case, it’s been a fun trip so far. I’ve hung out with my sister and family, my cousins and their family, and my oldest friend (we were friends in utero just about). It’s been a great way to travel, and so far I’ve only spent about $100 on fuel, and still have close to a full tank.

While I am feeling a bit of regret about not being able to be as responsive to clients as I’d like, that’s one of the perils of staying with family and friends. It’s not impossible to work around it, but it does force you to reprioritise things. In any case, having a few hours to get some things sorted has been amazing.

In a bit over an hour I’ll be on the final leg of Stage 1 of this epic journey, and will be throwing myself into conference mode.

The Storify Story of CS Forum 2016 – Day 1

Storify Story of CS Forum 2016 – Day 2 (and beyond)

Go stalk the Brutal Pixie Instagram for the visual diary of this trip! And if you’re coming to CSForum 2016, ping me on Twitter and let me know. Let’s catch up.


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