Content Systems and Audits.

Content systems and audits are the backbone that keeps your content published, correct, and consistent.

Content systems are not computer programs, but business processes.

How often have you thought that you need a new program to solve a content problem, instead of analysing what’s really going on in your business?

This is what we often discover when we’re called in for content strategy consulting:

Nobody has done the work to understand why their approvals fall over, or why their intranet is choked with useless guff. Instead, they assume they just need another computer program.

Unfortunately, the reality is that if you don’t have the right processes and rules, you’re just going to end up with the same problem down the track.

With the right content systems and audits cycle, you will find freedom.

Remember that old adage, ‘discipline equals freedom’? Nowhere is this more apt than in content publishing.

Here’s why:

Content publishing requires:

  • an intention and a purpose (linked to your business’s context, mission, and vision).
  • clarity about who does what, and why (tied to roles, rather than people — because people move!).
  • plans and goals shaped as outcomes rather than wishes.
  • mindful governance, to ensure correctness, accuracy, and timeliness.
  • the ability to understand which hands have been in the pie.
  • the ability to predict and mitigate risk.
  • the ability to solve problems, including those raised by ‘cancel culture’, which can strike you at any moment.
  • … and so on.

We strongly advocate following international standards, because they’ve been developed and tested by a robust community. If you didn’t know that there are international standards for content, treat this as your wake-​up call.

Additionally, if you already have a certification like ISO 9001, it’s time that you brought your content into line with that standard. Then you can truthfully tell your auditor that the whole business works to the same quality assurance framework.

Content systems and audits by Brutal Pixie.

Our content systems and audits consulting includes:

  • briefing and project requirements phase, to make sure that we understand your requirements.
  • A discovery phase, which will get us up to speed with the guts of your business, its certifications, workflows, and people.
  • A creation phase, which develops your content system and documentation.
  • An audit cycle development phase, which gains agreement from all of your interested parties on a functional and effective cycle of audits.
  • A training phase, so you can have internal offers who will conduct interim audits for you, and keep everything on the right track.

And if you like, we can also connect you with industry auditors for later certification.

Discover how we can bring your content efforts into line with the rest of your business.