Copywriting for Existing Customers.

Copywriting for existing customers focuses exclusively on keeping the home fires burning. You already know that your existing customers are more profitable than new ones. So keep them in your loyalty loop by making them feel loved, engaged, and cared for.

This service is 7 parts customer love and 3 parts copywriting.

Your customer records are where it all begins.

Where marketing copywriting needs research so you can attract people you haven’t yet met, copywriting for existing customers leverages your existing records.

You might not have amazing records, and that’s ok.

We know what to keep, will guide you in capture, and will even train your staff. One you’ve got great data, you can create outstanding customer communications.

Copywriting for existing customers by Brutal Pixie.

Our Content Writing for Existing Customers includes:

  • A discovery phase, to make sure that we understand your business, your brand voice, and your requirements. We will also drill your customer service records and protocols and do some mystery shopping and other observations.
  • Creation of guidepost documents and tools for you if you don’t already have them, such as brand voice guides and information capture through conversation training.
  • A strategy phase, to design the best communications and actions (such as by your front-​line staff) for your purposes.
  • A creation phase, which is the writing itself. This includes a guided, collaborative review process​.Delivery in any format that works for you, including plain text, Markdown, HTML, PDF, or even a Word doc.

All of our work is governed by industry standards, led by the Australian Society of Authors, Write the Docs, and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

Where can you use copywriting for existing customers?

The copywriting work you can engage us for includes:

  • websites
  • blog posts
  • feature articles
  • whitepapers
  • books and ebooks
  • technical writing (such as instructions, help documents, and knowledgebases)
  • emails
  • … and more.

Don’t settle for freelancers who think that getting new customers is all a business needs to do. Focus on the love for your existing, loyal people too!