Do you let Them hire the officials?

Do you let Them hire the officials?

Great customer experience isn’t about letting your clients run the show.

Imagine if sports was the way some people approach client relationships.

Your opposing team would choose the field.

Your opponent would select the referees.

Your opponent would choose the officials who police the referees.

And then every time you thought you were cutting a lucky break, something would go back the other way. Except, every official is in the pay of your opposition so you’ve got zero chance of any kind of justice.

Kind of like the way the US electoral fraud situation is being played out at the moment.

When your clients “hire the officials”, you are too afraid of instituting anything that protects your own bottom line.

The question is: How do people let it get that far?

Mostly, because they’re needy.

Sometimes, because they misunderstand what great client experience is.

What it is, is a client feeling great in the presence of you and/or your business. This is something over which you have control, and you can shape that feeling through each of the five senses, plus how you establish expectations.

What it is not, is bending to every client whim.

Establishing the perimeter in which you function is as important a part of your communications as anything else.

You want your clients to know that you’ll fire them if, for example, they fail to exercise their manners. (Some do; et voila, they have a happy, polite client base.)

You want your clients to know that you won’t reply to their emails on the weekend because, like them, you also have a life.

And you want them to feel at ease with you and what you’re doing with them and for them.

Reducing friction and increasing the Good Feels is important.

Bending over backwards to every little request, however unreasonable, is being a Simp.

And what’s a Simp?

Simp. /Noun/ Someone who does way too much for a person they like.

Create your communications to be clear about the rules of your Realm.

Dissipate and remove friction in every process.

Make everything look, sound, smell, taste, and feel like a place that they want to spend a lot of time in.

But don’t imagine that every suggestion is something you ought to listen to. Otherwise, the realm is no longer yours.


Remember, customer love is the ultimate competitive advantage. Customer dominion is not.

Leticia “take the throne, dammit” Mooney

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Leticia Mooney

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