Business Publishing Checklist

Business Publishing Checklist

The Business Publishing Checklist is a generic, catch-​all checklist. Use it when you:

  • Don’t have a checklist of your own, and want some best practices to get you started
  • Want to make sure that you’re doing the right thing
  • Have new team members who are taking charge of your publishing activity
  • Want to be assured that you’re running end-​to-​end publishing effectively.

The Business Publishing Checklist helps you to plan the work, do the work, check the work, and then take action to keep your systems up to date. It’s a single, A4 page that brings simplicity back to your publishing activity.

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Leticia Mooney

The Brutal Pixie is Leticia Mooney. Race: Eladrin, Class: Publisher. --- Leticia is Australia's foremost authority on publishing in a business context. She ghostwrites for, and advises, entrepreneurial individuals in the professional services.