Plan a year’s worth of content + a book every year for the rest of your life

Plan a year’s worth of content + a book every year for the rest of your life

plan template

Plan a year’s worth of marketing content PLUS a full-​length non-​fiction book every year.

This templated plan helps you to create your ideal 12-​month blogging and publishing plan. Once you have it, all you gotta do is rinse and repeat annually.

This plan template will help you:

  • Define your theme for the year
  • Define your theme or topic for each month
  • Define your ideal audience/​reader
  • Establish the topics for every blog (for 1 blog per week, or 48 blogs per year)
  • Set appointments in your (and your team’s) calendar(s) for the right length of time in which to get the work done.

Creating an effective plan isn’t difficult once you know exactly what to include in your plan. This template takes all the guesswork out of the equation.

Once you have this template, you can stop doing all of these:

  • agonising about blog topics
  • mistaking how long it takes to create, approve, and schedule your blogs
  • worrying about writing your book from start to finish (who cares about the order in which you write it?)
  • wondering what’s coming next in your content marketing pipeline, or when, or who by, or how long it’ll take

If you’re sick of the hassle, and just want a no-​brainer method for creating your plan and managing your materials, this file is all you need. Some guides are super complex; ours is easy, straightforward and effective.

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