Episode 13: Walking the bleeding edge of Content Strategy, with Kristina Mausser

Episode 13: Walking the bleeding edge of Content Strategy, with Kristina Mausser

Portrait photo of Kristina Mausser

Kristina Mausser is a Canadian Content Strategist and co-​founder at Kina’olé. She has an impressive history in the field: She’s worked internationally with governments, and has worked in major enterprises and brands.

In this episode of The Pixie Podcast, Kristina talks to us about what it’s like always to be walking the bleeding edge of an industry. She talks to us about how to improve your content and communication, how to humanise what you do, and even what music does for her creative and professional mind.

Join us for a deep-​dive conversation around the fascinating topic of being human: What it looks like, how we can embrace it, and what it means for our communication.

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What’s in this episode?

00:00 Introduction

01:41 On working with your partner: Work-​life balance, creativity, and informed practice.

04:08 Defining enterprise content strategy.

06:34 From where to here? How Kris became a content strategist.

08:04 Emergence of content strategy as a discipline in Canada.

09:20 First content strategy meetup in Canada.

10:57 Marketplace Confusion: Is it marketing or is it content strategy?

14:50 Kristina proposes a new definition of content strategy, one that focuses on the organisation not the content.

17:00 Content strategist skills, business, strategic frameworks, and the C‑Suite.

21:00 How Kris learned that people don’t realise their content puts them on a world stage, especially in government.

26:00 The story of what it’s been like to be a digital pioneer in the content space.

28:30 Content strategists at the bleeding edge of technology.

30:00 Eventually the technology falls away and we create content for humans, who are emotional.

32:00 People under-​value the role of communication.

33:30 Advice for writers of digital content: Kill your darlings.

35:00 What is the future of content strategy and skills in the digital space?

39:30 Kris Mausser on playing the flute

47:00 Innovation doesn’t equal immediacy

48:05 The book question.

50:15 What can you do today to improve communication experiences for people?

53:00 Who in the world does content strategy really well?

56:00 The t‑shirt question.

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Portrait photo of Kristina Mausser

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  • Colin Supple

    Interesting discussion. Agree with using different “mechanisms — like music” to “tune the thinking”.

    April 19, 2017 at 8:21 pm

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