Episode 19: Accounting, Business & Communication, with Chris Hooper

Episode 19: Accounting, Business & Communication, with Chris Hooper

Accountants have a bad rap as being boring old bean counters. Few are as insightful and dedicated to foresight (or multidisciplinary learning) as Chris Hooper.

Styling himself an Accounting Futurist, Chris sees his work in this space as a necessity, rather than a risk. He talks to the Pixie Podcast about how he got here, and the many roles that accountants and accounting firms have.

Chris also has an ear (and an eye) for impactful communication. His company prizes human interaction as part of the process, even though they are at the forefront of task-level automation. As an individual, Chris Hooper has a startling level of earned media. This is not by accident, and he talks about data and metrics in relationship with marketing.

This episode of the Pixie Podcast was one of the first interviews recorded. We discuss everything from mathematics to communication paradigms, to professional services design. It’s important listening for anyone in business, but particularly for those of you in professional services industries.

Join us for a deep-dive conversation and find out why being human in such an important thing, even as professional services strive to dehumanise interaction for the sake of a dollar.

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What’s in this episode?

00:00 Chris explains who he is and he does
02:05 Marketing to the mainstream
02:45 Accounting isn’t a sexy topic to publish about: Accountants in popular culture
04:45 Are lawyers and accountants the same breed of profession?
05:15 Why Chris chose ‘futurist’ as his tag
06:05 Luck vs prediction
06:30 The story of how Chris’s business came to him in a dream
07:10 Why a futurist thinks about what happens after what happens next
07:45 Mimetic isomorphy
08:30 Accodex as a 1,000-year corporation
09:30 Retirement. Will Chris retire? What is it with retirement?
09:45 Why becoming a futurist was necessary, not risky
10:00 The study of foresight is a requirement for all business owners
10:45 Chris Hooper on becoming immortal
12:30 The future of business, focusing on retail
16:00 From hustling up-start to patient empire-building
19:00 Dangerous numbers and pattern identification
21:30 Why Chris didn’t end up moving to the USA as planned
22:30 How and why Chris ended up putting a 5:1 wager that Donald Trump would win (before he did)
22:45 The role of earned media in election outcomes
24:00 Why Accodex pulled 50% of their US investment and put it into the UK
26:56 Should accountants shepherd business into the future?
28:30 What does it mean to ‘support clients properly’?
29:15 Why not asking questions should be the equivalent of accountancy malpractice
34:15 What does it mean to humanise something?
35:30 Why Chris takes a long-term view of user experience
36:15  Communication, people, and AI
41:30 Chris came to understand the importance of communication, because he had to teach himself first
44:45  Data, metrics and business performance… + revenue prediction + marketing
54:45 Why Chris reads outside his discipline
1:00:00 Chris talks about his biggest influences in professional services design
1:02:00 The Book Question
1:03:00 Who in accounting flies the flag for great communication
1:04:00 Chris on why relationships are at the heart of every impactful business.

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Connect with Chris Hooper online

Chris Hooper, accounting futurist and CEO at Accodex Partners

Chris Hooper is an Accounting futurist. CEO of Accodex. Editor’s Choice Award winner at Accountants Daily.

Accodex website

Follow him on Twitter @chrishooper87 and find him on LinkedIn.

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