Feeling stuck?

Feeling stuck?

If education is boring and infotainment too hard; if opinions are frightening and hard sales impossible; what do you do?

Many of the emails I send to you contain a hard sale.

They’re all over the place.

Some days they’re butchered Australian poets. Some days they’re fables. Some days they’re questions.

And while I promised you when you subscribed that you’d get actionable tips every single day, very often those tips are subtle, hidden, or require you to think.

The challenge with this is that my instinct is to blather on. I love to talk. I love to write. And I love to teach. But if I hand you everything on a platter I’m not doing you the honour of allowing you to ponder what I send.

Pondering is important, isn’t it?

Today’s internet-enabled world dumbs people down because they don’t have to think. There’s very little referential activity, hypertext isn’t used the way Marshall McLuhan imagined. In fact, many content creators actively avoid hyperlinks for the very reason that McLuhan loved them: They enable readers to escape into a different dimensionality, a rabbit-warren of threads. When actually content creators just want sales or subscribers. Most of the time.

The dumbing down is also a function of continuous change. The historical time stamping is gone. Even ebooks are not fixed, but are continuously changed in a 1984-esque revisioning. There’s no longer a reading, a chasing from book to book to book to find that one thread that’s important to whatever you’re doing. And we’re worse for it because instantaneous information shortcuts your capacity to think.

My point is that if you’re looking for the short answer, you won’t get it here.

Not often, anyway.

You might feel like you’re not doing content “right”, if you read my stuff every day and you’re not doing anything similar.

But this type of content might not be your jam, right?

You might prefer long essays that examine an issue or the state of the world.

You might prefer the brevity of Seth Godin.

You might prefer a video so you can see what’s going on while you learn.

You might be in love with audio collaborations.

Whatever is your jam, follow it!

Don’t think. Just do.

I find that many businesses and individuals get hung up on what’s the latest fashion. Or what’s the latest Big Thang (big wang, maybe? 🤣).


Screw fashion. Do what makes you happy.

If it makes you happy, you’ll do it, so you’ll actually be consistent. And consistency makes you successful.

You dig?

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x Leticia “in reassurance mode” Mooney

Leticia Mooney

The Brutal Pixie is Leticia Mooney. Race: Eladrin, Class: Publisher. --- Leticia is Australia's foremost authority on publishing in a business context. She ghostwrites for, and advises, entrepreneurial individuals in the professional services.

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