The Brutal Pixie provides ghostwriting to entrepreneurial individuals in the professional services. 

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What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is a process of collaborating with a writer to create your story, your content, or your information products. 

It’s different from working with a copywriter, because ghostwriters really get inside who you are, what you’re working to achieve, and collaborate on briefs (rather than just receive them).

Think of it like this:

Copywriters write for you.

Ghostwriters write as you.

What people say:

An absolute pleasure to work with. Leticia really makes you think about the critical elements of your business that are engaging and informative, that we never would have thought ourselves.

Working with Brutal Pixie is really easy. Their transparent working style paired with their knowledge and experience enables them to take control of the content production process. They have a great understanding of business and get right to the point of who you are and what your business
goals are.

Brutal Pixie’s content has not only solidified the client’s brand
message, but Brutal Pixie’s meticulous research and thought-​provoking series of blogs has enriched the business with excellent technically compliant learnings. From my own perspective, I find their work supremely professional,
brilliantly crafted in an area that would be easy to complicate – yet
found a way to ensure content was easy to absorb. I would without question recommend Brutal Pixie to businesses small and large.

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We respect your email privacy