How to discover your real strengths in marketing production

Do you know what your strengths are in marketing production? Content marketing is the buzz word of the day, but what does it really mean for what you create? [3-​minute read]

Marketing production basics start with simple foundations

Content marketing done right is well-​planned, well-​executed machine. There are many ways to do this. The simplest is to answer the Five Ws (who, what, when, where, why) for each piece of content that you create.
Ten years ago, you could produce an article, put it on your website, and voila! You’re done. Now, there are many more competing channels. You have to look at articles of different styles, lengths and topics. You have different outlets from websites to blogs, apps social media. You have more formats: Written, video, audio, animated. On and on the mountain of options climbs.
As the market shifts and content preferences change, your internal capabilities must shift. And yet, many marketers don’t have the skills[1] to match.

How do you know what marketing production skills you have?

While many organisations advocate a skills audit, we recommend going one step further. We recommend a strategic audit that examines the entire organisation’s capability. Instead of looking at individuals, it looks at production and performance.
There are only a few things that a strategic audit requires.

1. Set the criteria

To do this, make them objective, and use familiar and standard units of measure. Make sure that some of them come down to financial measures, such as return on investment.

2. Set up robust recording and data repositories

Make sure that your data repositories are robust and central, and allow for continuous collection. Whatever data you collect, make sure you can review it at any time.

3. Set up regular reviews and reporting

Instead of having your marketers or managers report on the data, convene a rotating committee. This way, you know that those doing the reporting will be less likely to succumb to bias.

4. Using the system established in steps 1 – 3, determine what you do best

The system outlined above will allow you to see what marketing content your organisation does best. How easy is it for you to create those things? Can you do them internally? What is the trade-​off between effort and time to produce, and the outcomes you achieve?

5. Compare your production capabilities to the marketing landscape

The best way to do this is to do a Strengths-​Weaknesses-​Opportunities-​Threats (SWOT) analysis. You will have to make a decision about whether or not to continue doing only what you’re great at. If you want to expand beyond your capability, you may need to bring in external talent.
Many organisation in this position partner with a specialist provider like Brutal Pixie. Those partners can work with you to produce the content you need that is current, and relevant to your organisation and its strategy. Such partners are not only hard working; they are deeply experienced in producing the types of content you are unable to handle with ease.

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