I wish I’d seen this yesterday

I wish I’d seen this yesterday

It was Father’s Day yesterday.

I wish I’d seen something interesting, if not downright courageous, published by at least one brand.

Instead, just lots of standard stock photos with bland, forgetful commentary. Like, oh look we better put something in the pipeline for this anniversary that’s on the calendar.

Our doula went above and beyond in her Father’s Day message, with photos of dads from all kinds of births, in all kinds of supporting, gazing, and ecstatic roles. But I’d expect that of her.

No, what I missed was the content that was real:

The shout-​outs to dads who are awesome single dads but who, because of lockdowns, couldn’t be with their kids.

The heartfelt missives to dads who are feeling crushed and destroyed because they lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and who now tearing their greying hair out, worrying about providing a safe haven for their children.

The supportive, caring content connecting with those who have lost their dads but who couldn’t be with them because of ridiculous restrictions.

The courage in these types of content posts is minimal.

But the vulnerability is immense.

Yes, dads are amazing.

Yes, they carry so much on their shoulders and still surprise us with facepalm-​worthy dad jokes at the oddest moments.

But our dads really need to be seen.

In publishing content of any type, for any major calendar moment, it’s easy to follow the simple pathway.

It’s far less easy, takes more creativity, courage, and insight, to tread the forgotten road of vulnerability.

If your business can do this -

and really mean it -

those who see it will remember you.

And that’s your end game.

Isn’t it?

Leticia “courage takes many forms” Mooney

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Leticia Mooney

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