IRL has great visuals but its characters and plot suck

IRL has great visuals but its characters and plot suck

I saw that quote somewhere recently.

It’s likely a harbinger of humans opting out of five-sense reality and into the Matrix.

After all, the Matrix has better characters, the plot is less challenging, and pretty soon the visuals will surpass those found in real life (“IRL”).

Right now there are even better real estate investments in the metaverse than there are in real life. One investing guru whom I follow is banging its drum in a big way at the moment, because unlike in real life, property in digital life is limitless.

Think mansions and worlds created in Minecraft and traded for hundreds of thousands of IRL dollars.

See, there IS a point to Minecraft! LoL

We are right at the tip of this shift.

And guess what?

Everything that drives it is content of some kind.

The shift towards IRL – Matrix blurring started nearly ten years ago, but it’s only now that we’re seeing real momentum build up.

You see it with insane, 3D technology “billboards” that show fish-like creatures swimming in mid air, gigantic and terrifyingly real.

You see it with augmented reality on product labels, a technology that doesn’t require glasses or materials beyond your phone. This tech vastly expands the “experience” of a product, enabling interaction, which enables more sales and perhaps deeper buyer loyalty.

You see it in kids’ books that are paired with AR apps that overlay worlds and characters into IRL locations.

Ask yourself what this means for you.

Ask yourself how this could change your relationships with customers and prospects.

Ask yourself how this could change your business.

Because mark my words, it will.

The sooner you are capable of imagining it, the better off you’ll be.

Leticia “think the impossible and then keep going” Mooney

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Leticia Mooney

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