Notes from the SouthStart Sessions: Matthew Michalewicz, Founder of SolveIT

Matthew Michalewicz was an engaging speaker who talked to us about one of five actual measures of success: Goals. Are you someone who writes down and reviews your goals? You ought to be: it will help you achieve success.


Journeys, inspiration, insights:
Matthew Michalewicz, Founder of SolveIT

  • Mathematics is the only universal language
  • As a business owner you need absolute clarity
  • Clarity about business = precision + goals
  • Precision = mathematical data, actual facts
  • Having goals improves performance
  • People with goals are nine times more likely to be paid more than people without goals
  • Out of every 100 people, 80 don’t have goals; 16 have goals but don’t write them down; 4 do have goals and do write them down; 1 has goals, writes them down, and reviews them. (Not sure on the maths on this one given it results in 101 but it’s unimportant.)
  • Telling others about your goals increases your chances of actually doing what you need to do to achieve them
  • Keep your goals in your pocket
  • Every time you meet someone, ask yourself how this person will help you achieve one of the goals in your pocket
  • Visualise yourself meeting your goals.

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