One man’s journey to the weirdest Maccas

One man’s journey to the weirdest Maccas

Imagine you had no ideas for content but you knew how to photograph and film stuff.

Then you hit upon some strange-looking Maccas restaurants. (That’s McDonalds for all you guys outside ‘straya.)

So, you trawl the internet to find as many as you can.

This is genuinely how a man named Max Krieger started his content creation journey. He’s now on a mission to document as many of them as he possibly can.

The project, titled NonStandard McDonald’s, “celebrates the eccentricity of themed locations”, according to one article that I read recently.

My first thought was, wow what a weirdo. Right?

But then I realised the genius of the idea.

Firstly, it’s great for Maccas. They’re never going to do it, or they would have done it before a whole lot of them (like the UFO-shaped one in Britain) were demolished.

Secondly, millions of people go into a Maccas every year, all around the world. Anybody who’s a Maccas consumer is likely to be tickled pink by the project. Those who have been to any of the odd locations has a memory, or a story, and this is where the project found its legs.

What began as a Twitter account sharing photos and information became a hotbed of discussions and memories.

Thirdly, it focuses Krieger’s passion into something relatable, publishable, and ultimately sellable.

Despite this, the game designer is going to give his documentary away for free, which he sees as a way of avoiding legal trouble with the franchise.

But it seems to me like the boy is leaving money on the table.

So if he was coached by me, he would be encouraged to find all manner of other ways around the issue.

Like, step one: Try to sell the project to the franchise, and back it up with rock-solid negotiation if they say no.

This is the kind of thinking that my content athletes get access to on a daily basis.

If you want to be pushed to discover new ways of looking at your work (or your art), it’s time to think about getting outside eyes on your projects.

More info is at

~ Leticia “doesn’t go to Maccas” Mooney

PS. When you sign up for your coaching, I’ll gift you a 5-Minute Journal to help you on your way.

Leticia Mooney

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