The Pixie Podcast is undergoing a process of significant change, which will see it rebranded and moved. This page will be updated when that’s complete. But until then, here’s the original detail…

The Pixie Podcast is a continuous podcast of snack-​sized content containing stories, tips, and ideas for your business publishing and content marketing.

In between, we run deep dive conversations on related topics.

Join us as we learn new things, reflect on our practices, and (sometimes) ponder the very meaning of life itself. Subscribe here.

If you’d like to be a guest, send your pitch to hello@​brutalpixie.​com.

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Deep-​dive interviews

This list is continuously updated. Click an episode to go to the recording and its show notes.

Run your business like Clockwork. Gues: Mike Michalowicz

Accounting, Business & Communication. Guest: Chris Hooper.

Engagement, Life & Community. Guest: Matthew Wright-Simon.

How to become a fan of your audience. Guest: Mike Michalowicz

Having real conversations. Guest: Simone Douglas

Walking the bleeding edge of enterprise content strategy. Guest: Kristina Mausser

2015 – 16

The Pixie Podcast had a different format until 2017. Episodes don’t have show notes or separate pages. You can find them on iTunes and also on Stitcher!