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SA Water

Engaged to bring 1500 PDFs up to HTML, we restructured and rewrote more than 46,000 words in just 6 weeks.

At the same time, we contributed to new governance and content reuse frameworks.

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National Native Title Tribunal

What does the Tribunal mean by Shared Country, Shared Future? 

Do they have shared understanding?

We were brought into this Federal Court department to help them
find out, by creating bespoke message architecture and strategic guidance workshops and services.

Raelene Webb, QC

What they say…

We now regularly “Brutal Pixie” our messaging to see if it works.

Former President

Location SA Map Viewer

On a terrifically short timeline, we were brought in for usability testing, triage and guidance to develop South Australia’s open data visualisation platform.
At launch, guests exclaimed about how easy it was to use.

Click to visit location​.sa​.gov​.au/​viewer

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Timpson Immigration

We provided content strategy, content writing, and strategic advisory to this Queensland-​based immigration law firm for three years. 

We provided:

  • copywriting
  • content strategy
  • content marketing (including email marketing)
  • workflow and automation guidance
  • … and much more.

As a result of focused user needs research, articles like Can I stay in Australia after my relationship breakup? increased their real revenue.

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Screenshot of the Timpson Immigration website

Standard Ledger

We provided message architecture, publishing guides and content writing for this startup accounting company, just as it was starting off. This work helped the brand gain greater visibility before they tried to take on the world. 

Now they’re scaling into the UK and we’re cheering them on from the sidelines. We can’t wait to see where they go next.

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Standard Ledger website screenshot

Intelligent Water Decisions Research Group

We provide training, editing, and content support services to the Intelligent Water Decisions Research Group, in the University of Adelaide’s School of Engineering. 

We help them gain (and retain) a visible foothold as one of the best water engineering research teams in the world.

Visit their website.

The water group is on twitter at http://twitter.com/waterdecisions

Training x Design

We provide content writing, distribution, and strategic advisory for this boutique training organisation. As a result of improved brand coherence, and greater visibility, they are now working Australia-​wide.

Read The CEO’s Guide to the Business of Training.

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We provide content writing and content marketing advisory for this software company, which publishes online in multiple channels, and in print (in trade journals).

Every time they publish one of our articles in a trade journal, their phone rings.

That’s why they keep renewing their contract with Brutal Pixie.

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Screenshot of the myFLO website

Steel Sculpt

We provide content modelling, content strategy and copywriting to help developers create amazing, beautiful websites.

This is an example of just one: A steel sculptor who needed to retain his boutique feel, without losing the strength and drama of steel.

Curious? Go visit the site at steelsculpt​.com​.au

Steel Sculpt website screenshot

Earthling 3.0

We provide content modelling, content strategy and copywriting to help developers create amazing, beautiful websites.

This is an example of just one: A device used by élite athletes, that- in the wrong hands — could have destroyed the brand. 

Curious? Go visit the site at earthling3​.com​.au.

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Content Strategy

  • Auditing (LRQA-​certified auditors)
  • Audience studies and lean usability testing
  • Content-​first design
  • Governance
  • Risk
  • Content workflow for ISO 9001-​certified companies

Content and copywriting

  • Digital
  • Print


  • Advice
  • Management
  • Publicity

Publishing workflow

  • Audits and studies
  • Redesign


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